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North-East alt-rock supergroup Honeyflux (previously known as Smithereeen and made up of members of Backyard Rhythm Orchestra, Ponyland, Martha Hill’s band, Prudent Primate and Shields) release their latest single, Tear Us Apart a groovy, beautifully crafted, genre blurring number complete with soulful and melodious vocals and soaring chorus.

We’re delighted to premiere the video that accompanies the Newcastle outfit’s latest release but before feasting on this audio-visual delight, lead singer and guitarist Joe, tells us more about it.

“I love riding my bike. Riding around town with my headphones in and listening to tunes. It’s great. You end up grooving away on your bike; swaying from side to side, bopping your head.

That is exactly how the idea for the Tear Us Apart music video was created, by jamming the final mix of Tear Us Apart in my headphones and feeling great as I rode my bike. I knew it needed some story and context, so I asked my friends in the North East Circus community to be a part of it. The track is full of good vibes so all it took was for them to just be themselves in the sun, having a great time in their backyard.

The dress I’m wearing… Well I just have this great dress I really like wearing at parties and festivals so I thought that’d be a pretty sweet aesthetic.

I directed and edited the video and my fiancé, Hannah (CIRC Motif, Circus Central), shot the whole thing as she’s a great videographer.

Tear Us Apart is a single I wrote about not really knowing yourself in a relationship. In fact there was a lot in this track that I ended up writing into it, just thinking they were cool lyrics, before breaking up with my at-the-time girlfriend and realising how much my subconscious desire to leave that relationship had played a part in my lyric writing. This song is a really important one to me because it was a reflection of myself before I was able to see it.

This track was one of those rare gems that accidentally fall out of you as you’re playing guitar or humming to yourself; something just clicked into place one day when I was playing around with a tuning I’d made and I instantly had a melody, chords and soon after came structure and lyrics.

It was years ago when these initial bones of the track were put together, and I’d been playing it as part of my solo catalogue, both on my own and with a backing band. In fact, that was where the beginning of the recording comes from – with the lofi voices and drum beat – it was taken from a phone recording in practice with my old solo band.

Bringing Tear Us Apart to Honeyflux has been the best thing for the track. It’s never been played better than now, something about us playing this track together just made it pop. You can really hear that in the performance of the recording.

I am super excited that Tear Us Apart finally seeing the light of day after years of working on it. I think it’s a great introduction to the Honeyflux sound; a passion project of our careers that we’re going to explore and develop over the duration of our time in this band.”


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