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With the release of a new video for track Queen Of The Oxygen Thieves, we asked retro dark popsters Ghost//Signals to tell us a little more about the track that inspired the video. Frontman Rick Lanning was happy to oblige…

“We’re often asked if this song is aimed at a particular individual or individuals. I totally get that some folk like to interpret songs as particularly vitriolic; they absolutely should be allowed that interpretation if they want it – we’ve all done that thing where we’ve overlaid tunes of that nature onto our own circumstances I guess!

The actual meaning of the song however is more metaphorical. The ‘Queen’ being referenced represents how we sometimes blindly follow/become subjects of our drive to have our creativity acknowledged. 99% of the time there’s nothing wrong with that – why else do we do perform/subject our art for critical appraisal etc. The odd occasion though you see people take it too far – taking creative issues/perceived underachievement out on friends/bandmates/creative colleagues, or getting so absorbed into it they lose sight of the bigger picture – relationships, family etc. Seen that first hand. It takes the fun out of it – and it should never not be fun.

In it’s simplest terms though the video also represents the theme – going out in the snow wearing a dress at 2am probably wasn’t sensible but I wanted a video for this song!”

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