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Teesside singer-songwriter Finn Forster records a live session video for his song, Sisters and we’re delighted to be given an exclusive viewing of it. The session showcases Finn’s soulful, folk-tinged vocal mixed and his anthemic, hope-filled sound in a rendition that will no doubt bring a much-needed smile to all those who watch.

We drop him an e-mail to find out how he’s keeping and, of course, more about the video.

How are you holding up and what have you been doing to occupy your time?
I think it’s fair to say I, nor anyone else was expecting the recent pandemic. Especially the halt it’s put on people’s everyday life and work. I personally, from the very start had a big long think about things and came to the conclusion a situation like this can send a musician one way or the other. I’ve decided I’m going to adapt the best I possibly can to the situation and use every tiny little thing possible that might be of an advantage to me with my music. This has got to be the most people I’ve ever seen using social media at a similar time frame. If there was ever a time as a musician to build your social media, it’s now. 

Live streams, consistent posting and the promotion of a new release is what I’m striving for in this current period. Straight away I came up with the idea of doing The Quarantine Sessions which is now every Thursday at 8pm on my Facebook page, Finn Forster Music. We just have to keep going, it was never an option for me to give up anyway, so a worldwide virus certainly won’t do it. 

Where was the session recorded at?
My live session of Sisters was recorded by two really talented and cool guys called Daniel Blackburn & Matthew Henderson Newbury. We did a few takes of it to get it as close to perfect as we could and set everything up and recorded it live at Base Camp, Exchange Square, Middlesbrough. We actually recorded the track with them in an actual studio In Leeds Met Uni a couple months back but I was that pleased with the live recording, I couldn’t wait to get it out. So maybe I’ll release the actual recording at a later date. 

What is the song, Sisters, about?
I have 3 younger sisters and a younger brother. I don’t get to see much of them with 2/4 living in Bristol. I remember my younger sister coming up from down south to visit and I couldn’t believe how much she’d grown up. It inspired me to write this song as almost like a letter to my sisters to say the things that maybe as an older brother you might never get to say properly. I think when first hearing the song you maybe wouldn’t know what it’s properly about despite the name. But the greatest thing about writing songs for me is the amount of different interpretations that can come from even just one line. 

Can we expect any more live sessions in the near future?
Definitely, my goal for 2020, was to triple my single releases and up my content posting x1000. It’s a tough industry I’m in but I don’t think there’s many more rewarding things on the planet than it when things pay off. 

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