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Eye Bleach are a technically talented trio who carve out psychedelic, post-punky soundscapes with an ever-shifting dynamic. They’re hard grafters too, which has lead to some standout performances at Richmond Live, Music Box and Last Train Home festival. We’re delighted to have been given an exclusive look at the video to their brand new single, Pavement Design, which will be available on all good streaming sites tomorrow (18th Oct).

Here, the band gives us a little more insight into the sights and sounds of their latest work. 

The song is about feeling awkward or out of place in social situations. More specifically, when Jim was on a block-paving training course for work. He suffered the excruciating minutiae of the course to bring you this tune. The song’s lyrics provide a sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek commentary on the experience- ‘I am filled with raging desire…’. For the video, we wanted to capture a kind of Tim and Eric meets Reeves and Mortimer vibe, so we brought in three anorak type characters who roam about examining pavements as a hobby. It’s a bit of an odd thing to base a song and video on but we’re stubborn, so we went with it. Also, the title offers a nod to slacker rock band Pavement, which is no bad thing in our book.

No pavements were harmed in the making of this video (But some may need counselling now). We had almost no budget, so we shot the video in one day near our practice space in Darlington. No fancy props, locations, or professional actors. A DIY experience. Being massively underprepared meant that we improvised a lot of the scenes on location. To boot, we were operating on very little sleep which allowed the giddiness to flow. Inquisitive onlookers questioned our dress code and clipboards, asking us ‘What kind of survey is this?’ to which we could only grin and continue. The fake vomit at the end of the video was fruit smoothie, which tasted suitably rank.

We made the video ourselves. A friend of the band shot the whole thing for us on his camera and drone. Alex and Andy played a character each, as did Jim who directed and edited. Having full control over the process and the way that the video would turn out was a good thing. We learnt a lot from doing it ourselves, and will continue to operate under the motto, `No budget, no problem…’

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