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Image by Martin Francis Trollope 

District Attorney are a band formed from the demise of successful DIY indie-rockers The Union Choir and melodic country-popsters Here Comes Good Sailing. All members are from sunny South Shields, where the band came together on June 2018, Since then, they have since gone on to play a handful of live shows and their next performance is on Saturday 14th September at Bobiks, Newcastle. Before that show, the band are releasing a video for their self-titled track featuring the talented Harbour Master and we’re really pleased to show you it ahead of its release (30th August).

The track, District Attorney is a short, sharp jolt of indie-folk energy and has a slight feel of The Futureheads, had they had spent more time watching the boats coming in and out of the Tyne estuary. The video is something everyone in a band is familiar with; a group of friends gathered around in a room and just rocking out. It’s nice to see and with the song being a minute and a half long, feels like we’re getting a behind the scenes sneak peek that warms the heart, yet intrigues the mind. 

Grant from the band tells us a little more about the release. “The video was a last-minute idea really. We wanted to record the song live with all members in the same room to capture the rawness that is needed for this song. This allowed us to shoot the video at the same time as the recording. Martin AKA Harbourmaster (guitarist/producer) set the lighting, cameras, mics, basically did all the work and we just looked pretty. It was shot/recorded at The CustomSpace in South Shields.”

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