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Newly formed indie outfit Danica Dares release Paranoia Party, the second single from their debut album Curating The Lunatic. It’s a track that discusses social anxiety and the fear of exclusion against the backdrop of atmospheric, synth-tinged soundscapes nodding to eighties goth, nineties indie and contemporary synth pop. It’s tempo shifts and occasional intrusion of instrumentation give the track an unsettled feeling at times, which shakes you loose momentarily from the hypnotic, recitative vocal (with tones of Debbie Harry and Sophie Ellis-Bexter) that makes this song such an earworm, and a good one at that.

We’re delighted to get an exclusive look at the avant-garde video that accompanies this release. Here, lead-singer Harriet tells us more about it.

“Paranoia Party explores feelings of loneliness and isolation to the point of mania, which I’m sure will resonate with many people right now! The video sees me, trapped inside a house alone, getting increasingly desperate (talking to myself in mirrors, having a dinner party with myself morphing into a split-personality dynamic). An atmosphere of claustrophobia and hysteria contrast with moments of release in the icy outdoor scenes, but it still feels lonely and desolate. Filmed in and around an old country house in Co. Durham, we wanted to create a dark, haunted house vibe to add to these feelings of intensity and insanity. Being confined to our home plays a significant role in the video – but Paranoia Party is about something deeper than that, it’s about the social anxieties we all feel at some point in our lives and the fear of being alone. However, we’ve also injected a bit of theatricality into the music and video too – we want people to feel that it’s ok to have a solo party and dance when they watch it!”


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