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Chloe Castro is set to release her latest single, FUTURE, on Friday 30th July. This soulful offering sees the talented solo artist give a more intense, slightly huskier vocal performance than on previous releases, giving the track an engaging rawness to it that is intensified further by the smooth grooves and spacious production of the music.

We’re chuffed to be given an exclusive look at the simple but really effective video that accompanies this, which see’s Chloe performing the track (seemingly in one one take) whilst mooching around Newcastle’s subterranean walkways.

Here, Chloe tells more about the track and music video…

“This is my favourite track to date but I suppose that’s always the case when you write a new banger! I’d say ‘FUTURE’ is quite sassy (but that’s me!), it’s what I like to call an ‘I don’t care if we break up song’. I wrote it last year whilst I was in a relationship, it was my way of expressing that I know what’s best for me, like let me do me, you know? Feeling underestimated by someone you love but knowing your worth and sticking to your guns.

The idea for the video was kind of the sense of infinity in the tunnel, the future stretching out in front of you and the past behind you if that makes sense! The video was filmed in one take and I actually performed the song at almost double speed to achieve the slo-mo effect – that was a hard one to learn! The video was shot by Verbind Media and edited by my producer and co-writer Jake Karno. It was filmed in the Tyne Cyclist and Pedestrian Tunnel – such an amazing location we couldn’t pass up on filming in! We filmed it at around 1am when the tunnel was empty which was quite eerie but super cool! “

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