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Ben Bazin And The Catwalk Models as a live band has only come about since September. The material behind the band however goes much further. The opening single was actually written while Ben was in the band The Delirium (from Newcastle) who had a very short lived career due to members moving away. The song was kept on by Ben as he felt it had something that would appeal to a wider audience. All the other music to come from The Catwalk Models has so far been written in Newcastle and the demos have been created by Bazin, and then brought to the band to rehearse. The band are very excited to start gigging and coming up with new material. The drummer in the Catwalk Models is Frank Withers, and the bass player is Oscar Arnell. 

Of the new tack and video, Ben says…

“The track and the video share the same DIY aesthetic, which is definitely a big feature. The track was produced by me (Ben Bazin), and the video was put together by James Moss. Without revealing too much about the track and the video, the lyrics and the video are very satirical and tongue in cheek, which is hopefully very obvious. The video was filmed in a flat that I spent a few months in while studying in London. 

The song was recorded in Newcastle, at my friends house. His family had gone away and the living room was large enough to set up studio in. The guitar parts and drums were recorded in the living room, with a drum kit myself and my friend bought from Oxfam for £30, combined with the drummer’s (Joe Donkin) cymbals and tuning ability, which made the drum sound much better. The bathroom was used for vocal takes, as well as backing vocals. 

I gave the song to James, and let him work on the video with his own interpretation of the song. He defiantly shared my vision for the song, the quotes projected on to the backdrop, along with images of my face were his idea, and I must admit he did come up with a lot of the quotes, my favourite being his renaming of J. D Salinger, to J.D ‘sport’ Salinger. A subtle reference for the literary buff, but non the less a nice addition.”

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