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It’s not that often we asked to do a video exclusive for a music video that was shot a decade and a half ago, but these aren’t ordinary times and as people sit in their house, minds reminisce, archives are raided and hidden gems are unearthed. 

The Music Video for Arch Stanton’s Strange Time is for a song originally recorded in 1997 and released on an EP “Old Dog, New Tricks”, in 1998.  The unseen video footage, filmed in the Spring of 2005, shows the band performing live and shots of them in California, USA.

The original recording and video footage have been edited and Remastered as a one-off Music Video to promote their album The Stanton Files, released online in May 2015.

Arch Stanton’s Clive Jackson tells us more about the video…

“It was interesting to see the footage of the band from 15 years ago, I think, it was only viewed once at the time, then stored in a shoebox, possibly never to be seen again, until now! All credit to Steven Gilvray for sifting through the footage and compiling a great edit of the band playing live and cavorting around California. Also thank you to the various camera operators, it was difficult to nail down who shot what and when, with it being so long ago.

“Obviously, everyone including myself looks a lot younger, what strikes me is how different the world appears then compared to the present day. The idea of performing live music and people gathering in numbers was taken for granted, a stark contrast to now. The apparent open-ness and freedom reflected in the USA footage, also seems like a dream in comparison to the massively conflicted place it is today.

“I always thought that Strange Time deserved more exposure as a song, we got a lot of attention, initially at the time, it was released as part of an EP, the recording costs were funded by the National lottery, leading to coverage, by BBC Radio 1and local/national BBC/Cable TV.

“Producing a Music Video and more extensive promotion was a more difficult task then, unlike last year, when my solo video “Perfect Storm” was created and released on a small budget/time scale and released to the world online.

“I’m really pleased after all this time, that there is a Music Video out there for Strange Time. I’m very proud of the band and especially the depth and diversity of the songs on the album, Edward Box is a great fellow songwriter and guitarist, As a musician, I still view the combination of him, me, Gary Foalle on bass and Mick Robson on drums, as an honour and a privilege. Good Times.”

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