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David Smith aka The ÆTHER, a 24-year-old working-class musician from the North is back with a cinematic music video for brand new track Alone and we’re delighted that NARC Magazine get an exclusive look at it. Alone is the first single to be lifted from the ÆTHERVILLE album ahead of its release on 11th October, which was written, recorded and produced by David at his own self-built home studio.

The video was written and directed by long term collaborator Cameron Clark Carlton who previously shot the ‘Save Yourself’ video and was made in Bristol, including shooting at the famous Clifton suspension bridge and various locations around the city. It’s about how people who are drawn to be artists often struggle against the odds to stay true to their art, in a world stricken by austerity where homelessness and mental health problems are widespread. In the video, Bristol street artists Jade and Lisa, who are friends of the band, learn to put their flow arts street busking show together. Lisa is teaching Jade some tricks and techniques to mesmerise people and show them wonder.

The video ties in with themes in the song which are about isolation, the daily battle for sanity, questions of identity and escaping from the dark thoughts brought on by the problems we all face today and the continual media onslaught of apocalyptic news. David (The ÆTHER) was, at first, unsure about appearing in the video and about wearing both the blonde wig and the suit of armour, but once he got them on he didn’t want to take them off! 

David said ‘I really didn’t want to be in music videos to be honest as I’m just not comfortable being in front of the camera and I’ve never ever worn makeup etc. But Cam wore me down and was really excited about it all and even bought a suit of armour so I really couldn’t say no! I’m happy that the video has been entered into film festivals around the world as it really is a short film and a piece of art in its own right. I’m hoping to do work with Cam on short films and more soundtrack work as time goes on as my music is naturally cinematic sounding and I love the medium of film.’

Music video director Cameron Clark Carlton says ‘The lyrics and vocal delivery really struck a chord with me. Id never heard David explore his lower register and it really reminded me of Scott Walker and the video for Seventh Seal came to mind. Its a raw song of despair that send shivers down my spine. The song also brought to mind Wings of Desire by German director Wim Wenders which this video ended up being a homage to. I first met The ÆTHER busking at exactly the same place in the video that David first sees the hoop artist. His music just resonated with me in a way that music in the charts just fails to do. I offered to shoot a video for him which turned into ‘Save Yourself’ which doesn’t even feature David in it as I couldn’t persuade him to be in it. David’s music to me brings to mind an angel of death hanging over the world singing a siren song to us all, his music isn’t an escape from reality but the kind of music that could find the savage beauty of a nuclear explosion or in this case homelessness and mental health issues. So the kind of imagery and symbolism that Wim Wenders used for Wings of Desire which was shot in a post-WWII Berlin was in my mind for the video and David loved it. The synopsis is: an unseen angel David (David Smith) glides through the ether observing the daily struggles in an austerity stricken world but never interacting with anyone. When David falls in love with an unemployed street artist Flo (Jade Morris) he longs to experience life in the physical world and hopes it might be possible for him to take human form.

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