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Paradise Lost On Leith owes its inspiration to the sunshine of everyone’s favourite Hibee twins (with maybe a bit of John Milton thrown in as well). However, William Denton Wilde’s track veers off on a much different route than the windswept close-harmony country of the Proclaimers.

Concrete and angular synths, machines and a vague menace stalk a track which offers shades of Kraftwerk and Joy Division. Co-A-side Debatable Lands is a fiercely political look at the factions and fighting that have made the last five years so fun! A scuzzy, somnambulant, distorted history from Twitter mobs and rivers of blood, to witch finders on the windswept moors. Together, they make an unnerving soundscape evoking the dirtier, unexamined lay-bys of modern Britain.

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