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The marvellously named Voodoo Black Exorcist are a far more multi-faceted beast than their textbook death metal moniker may imply, and these four tracks are an incredible showcase for their talents. Fell In Love With A Witch is a tantalising scrap between a deep R&B groove and an intricately arranged string workout; Mega Vulva brilliantly answers the oft-asked question “what if The Jesus Lizard had bought a vocoder and listened to more Todd Rundgren?”; Psychic Vampire mixes Sabbath-worthy riff workouts with delightfully wonky sonics; and the EP’s rounded off by the sludgy, frenetic stomp of Porn Tash.

It’s all over in barely ten minutes, yet it manages to successfully cram 60 years of guitar music into a blender with effortless grace. Sublime.


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