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This debut release from Sunderland-based Timmy is virtually unclassifiable. Melding the ear-bleeding sounds of thrash metal with cardiac inducing drilled drum ‘n’ bass and piling on wailing jazz brass parts, choral vocals, demented rap and nursery rhymes, Timmy is a breed unto themselves.

It almost comes across as audio trolling but even if that is the case it sounds thrilling enough not to care. Vocally and lyrically there are nods to Eminem or Primus mixing cartoonish horror and melodies. The savage hailstorm of words, screams and unholy growls punctuate the proficiently unhinged musical arrangements. Apparently, there’s an album on the way and I’m all for it. Spoiled Brat Syndrome sounds exactly as you might expect, but with a truckload of tubular bells on.


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