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After their debut TANKENGINE and its follow up TANKENGINE TANKENGINE, the Newcastle art rock band release their third EP, aptly titled TANKENGINE TANKENGINE TANKENGINE.

Opening with a seven-minute behemoth, anchored by a brooding bass and relentless drums, there’s a sense of meditated anarchism that seeps out of the tracks. Splashes of colour spark across the band’s opening statement as it slithers across its run time with a serpentine menace. Without reaching any apex, it isn’t until the second track where the band’s brutalist roots become more prominent. 

The EP isn’t a stranger to explosions of mania, with the finale becoming an incendiary conclusion to the release. Bookended with the two strongest tracks, TANKENGINE TANKENGINE TANKENGINE showcases a band with staggering potential. 


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