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Imagine you’re playing a game of pop/rock Top Trumps. And imagine your pop/rock star scores high on the ‘slurred vocals and lyrics of For Lovers-era Pete Doherty’ skill. And imagine they also score impressively high for the ‘Jeff Buckley/falsetto vocal delivery’ and ‘smacked out, dark yet peaceful, delivery of Scott Weiland’ skills. Now imagine that your pop/rock star is produced in the ‘Josh Homme deep bass, rock, choruses bookended by gentle rock electronic verses’ style.

And now you can stop imagining; what you hear is Us And Them, a four-and-a-half-minute tour de force trip from Palma Louca around the darker edges of rock, where angry choruses are counterpointed by heartbroken verses and a devastated central character. Dark with a soft heart.

Released: 12.04.21


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