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Neuroleptick’s new EP is a minimalist electronic study where tracks work as sound sculptures, as much as tunes. All of the classic drum ‘n’ bass sounds are there; pulsating synths, crackling electric drums, vocal samples. But they are, for the most part, deconstructed, atomised and only occasionally allowed to cohere. The result is a fascinating dissection.

With each of the four tracks running to six minutes, every snare sound, each chopped up beat, each carefully designed synth patch, each electronic sound that whizzes from ear to ear, is introduced and allowed to unfold with precision, taking time over their development and delivery, allowing Neuroleptick to construct electronic soundscapes that are engulfing and strangely cinematic.

Dominic Ridgway (Regression Media) · RGNM023 – Neuroleptick – The Closed Circuit (30/06/2023)

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