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Debut EPs are often slightly haphazard assemblages of material without much clarity or structure, but Heyman Aums radically challenges this tradition. 

The Newcastle-based electronic artist’s music is ambitious, multimodal and spiralling. I listened to the EP all in one sitting with the volume turned right up and it was intoxicating in its hypnotism. Inspired largely by Jung’s seminal Psychology And Alchemy, Heyman takes us on an oblique synth-wave journey through the collective unconscious. Jung stresses the relationship between alchemy’s chemical and mystical composition, and here Heyman does the same. The music is both algorithmic and ethereal. Tracks like Whitening and Yellowing contain industrial synths, but also delicate Chromatics-inspired vocals. 

While this probably won’t appeal to all, for those drawn to a kind of uncanny Lynchian transcendentalism it doesn’t disappoint. 


Heyman Aums · The Reddening

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