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On Half’s new track we’re welcomed in by glittery multi-coloured fuzz, like a TV going on the blink just as Dorothy realises she’s not in Kansas any more. As the picture regains clarity, with plenty of fuzz still to spare, the feeling of storybook whimsy continues: it’s simple and pleasant, and tells you how you’d feel if you fell into a painting called Japanese Garden at Early Morning.

As the song goes on, the fuzz turns into the spray of water and immerses you further in its pleasantness, filling up like you’re standing in a six-foot-deep, smooth-stoned water feature and happy for it to submerge you; less David Blaine and more Alan Titchmarsh. It’s ambient and electronica giving each other a light peck on the lips, and it’s rather harmonious.

Released: 07.05.21


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