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I’m pretty well travelled. I’ve experienced different cultures. I’ve been to Darlington a few times, so I’m hardly surprised to hear Analogue Blood’s mash of guitar-driven EDM assault my ears when I slap it on the ol’ turntable (okay, computer). The initial come up, hand claps et al, could be heavier in my humble opinion, but as soon as the riffing starts and the synth stabs ring out I’m all in, throwing shapes like a sweaty, pilled-up chav outside McDonald’s at 3am. That is merely hyperbole for illustrative purposes of course. But you get my point. It’s pure banging.

The growling Voldemort vocal that’s telling me it’s “out of control” is faintly disconcerting but nothing metal fans would worry about. To sum up then, it’s great fun and a real floor filler.

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