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Amsterdam-based band Tin Men & The Telephone offer up a unique, interactive experience that is absolutely like no other. Combining electronics, projected visuals and audience participation in combination with jazz and improvised music to create a one of a kind multimedia experience. We asked them to spotlight their innovative work a little more, to give you the best kind of taste to whet your appetite, which they duly obliged with these videos…

We just love mobile technology (hence Tin Men and the Telephone). 
In 2013 we created an album in the form of an app.  It was quite cool because it allowed the user to manipulate the recordings, for example by switching on/off instruments, making different arrangements, adding effects.

Our audience are part of the show…
In 2015 we developed another app – Tinmendo – that allows the audience to actively take part in our live shows.  In the latest version we play games, let them create the beats, harmonies and melodies and we improvise around them. No two shows are ever the same, it fully depends on audience input so we never know what to expect!

We even did this with Jules Buckley’s Metropole Orchestra, which was totally awesome. The audience and orchestra were all sitting mixed in circle, and the audience created the musical content which was immediately played by the musicians.      

We like to make our shows current…
We want our music to be connected to the time we are living in and we take inspiration from things that are happening now. In our current show World Domination Part One we project videos of populist world leaders such as Trump, and Le Pen , and we can trigger what they say by using piano keys, we then make music around it.

Although we’re from Amsterdam, we’re working with some big names in theatre and comedy from the UK –  they are helping us to make sure our shows are as theatrical, fun and engaging as possible. During our show at Sage Gateshead we will ask the audience to vote on which world leader we should abduct from our earth to make it a better place! Because concerts only last like 90 minutes, we created a website especially for this. Visitors can also suggest new world new leaders to be added to the globe to be potentially annihilated!

Of course we like voicemails
Because of our love for telephones we started a voicemail project in which we invited people to send us a video/voicemail message that we then use to create music on. Feel free to send something to us!

Tin Men & The Telephone play Sage Gateshead on Friday 6th April.

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