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One band that seem to have been deliberately written out of most histories of British music post-punk are The Cult. This must be rather exasperating for a band who’ve achieved four gold albums in the UK and gone platinum four times in the US.

Emerging in the mid-eighties from the remains of much respected indie combos Southern Death Cult (singer Ian Astbury) and Theatre of Hate (guitarist Billy Duffy), The Cult always stood slightly outside both the rock and alternative mainstreams. For a start, the band sounded confident, brash and loud, with nods to AC/DC and Led Zep. Not likely to fit easily into the earnestness of a Peel show audience.

Their look was, and still is, respectful of ‘rock’s rich tapestry’, tipping their fedoras to The Doors and Hendrix, while continuing to be their own people. Their music concerned Aboriginal culture seen through the wing mirror of a Harley; they were the metal band it was okay to listen to on the way to a Smiths or Cocteau Twins gig.

Promoting Hidden City, their first album in four years, The Cult play Newcastle’s City Hall on Wednesday 9th March, and despite their absence from the annals of rock history they’ll fill the room with long term cultists and acolytes of their unique brand of supercharged rock and riffola.

The Cult play Newcastle City Hall on Wednesday 9th March.

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