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So, how was your 2021?
Quite horrible in truth, due to ill health. Real downer. That said though, I’ve also experienced some of the most wonderful times in my life.

What was your best moment?
Saw two majestic rhinos at Edinburgh zoo. Beautiful beasts. Just for a moment, as I looked at them I felt alive in a different, ancient time. 

Also, we released our ‘Kestrel of Sticking Dreams’ album into the world via Du Blonde’s DTV record label. That felt fantastic.

And your worst moment?
Near death experience.

Who was your favourite band/artist this year?
Tough one, here’s ten: 
The Fall, Osees, The Kinks, A Tribe Called Quest, CAN, Erik Satie, Giggs, Amadou & Mariam, Buzzcocks, Omar S.

Your favourite song of the year?
The Troggs – With A Girl Like You. Somehow I only discovered this earlier in the year. It’s effortless and very moving. The “baby baby is there no chance, I can take you for the last dance” section in particular always puts a thick lump in my throat. One of the best songs I’ve ever heard.

Recommended album?
Old: The Fall – Live at St. Helens Technical College ’81
New: Dry Cleaning – New Long Leg

Favourite TV show of the year?
The Sopranos. A masterful study in the different and nuanced ways that people can be twats. The acting is superb across the whole cast and it’s darkly hilarious as well.

Your favourite film?
The Hand of God. A vital, fearless new film by Paolo Sorrentino. His movies are always chock full of life and humanity in all its complexity. This is no exception. Best director in the biz right now. 

Best book you read?
Re-read Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis. The story is no doubt wide open to all sorts of different interpretations, but it really struck a chord with me this time around. 

Best podcast?
True Faith NUFC podcast. 

Insightful gobshites chat Newcastle United. Plenty of personality and not half as grating as most football punditry. It’s cathartic to hear the hosts dissect every dreary mags defeat, bore draw or miracle win.

Favourite venue of the year?
The Tyne Bar’s outside stage after dark. Ideally with local antiheroes No Teeth doing their wild thing on top of it.

What was your favourite gig/show of the year?
Osees at Boiler Shop with Smote as openers. It surpassed my sky-high expectations. Class night.

Any upcoming artists we should keep an eye out for in 2022?
Swine Tax; forever on our way. Our music is raw and worth listening to I reckon.

And finally, what has next year got in store for you?
Wait and hear.

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