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Brave from the start, the two-person production of Me & My Whale, is an interesting challenge of combining a parable about a solo deep water submarine exploration with a chance encounter of a humpback whale. Particularly noteworthy in its ambition to pull together an interesting allegory with experimental live production techniques, the principle success of My Whale is it’s ability to present us with the sounds, and feelings, of loneliness. How exactly do you create the sound of no sound?

Using live makeshift sound creators, as well as interesting backlit visuals, My Whale succeeds in it’s ability to create one succinct performance piece through the combination of a linear stage show and experimental audio and visual production techniques. Led through a wonderful acting performance by female lead Hannah Mook, Whale tells the story of the power of human relationships and the craving we have for true connections. Driven into obsession and, ultimately, grief, the success of Whale lies in it’s ability to use nautical themes to explore human kind’s desire to be loved and to feel love. 

Supported by Xavier Velastin’s production and sound engineering’s, Whale succeeds through the creation of a claustrophobic submarine setting; complete with dark visuals and paranoid sounds. Moving, humorous and highly original, My Whale is a tribute to abstract ideas and a live performance which brings this interesting voyage to it’s powerful destination. The sound of no sound is a sound worth hearing.

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