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A lone explorer on the fringes of culture, Jon Ronson has been out there exploring the hinterland between psychopathy and bigamy, schizophrenia and high society, teen and MILF, his travels in the wilderness now presented and wrapped in some surprisingly deft stand up comedy for Psychopath Night, a new stage show hot on the heels of chart-smashing new podcast The Butterfly Effect.

Journalist and writer of International best-selling books including Frank, The Men Who Stare at Goats and So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, Psychopath Night sees Ronson cast as his own unreliable narrator, recounting the terrifying, bizarrely compelling events that led to his bestselling book The Psychopath Test, bringing special guests Mary Turner Thomson and Eleanor Longden along for the ride.

A hodgepodge of travelogue, interviews, comedic monologues, disturbing archive footage and PowerPoint presentations, Ronson’s warm easy manner and knockabout charm binds the surprisingly wide-ranging subject matter together, his earnest and self-effacing wit smoothing over – but never suppressing – the dark tales within.

From the guest-led perils (and strange perks) of unwittingly marrying a psychopath and learning to live with and love the voices in your head, through inescapable self-institutionalisation and the heart-breaking true stories behind bespoke pornography, we explore a world seemingly one turn of fate around the corner for any of us; a twilight zone any of us could stumble into, a too-close domain of psychopaths within and without, a realm explored by Ronson; our man in the field, our canary in the coalmine.

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