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Touring the country on a wave of impressive reviews, and exploring contemporary themes of social media, gender and technology, Guy looks for big ideas in its search into the daily battles many of us face for personal identity.

Cleverly presented in a cut and paste style stage setting, Guy’s core strength is its multi-character, multi-story, stage setting which reflects the challenges most of us face as we move through a world of 24-7 connectivity and a society demanding instant gratification. How, asks the show, can we focus on important relationships when instant messaging and fast fashion/changing cultural pressures provide a consistent distraction, and an opportunity for us to push our big goals to one side?

Written as a bold exploration of how most of us create online personalities which hide our real flaws, the character of Guy is instantly relatable as we empathise with his intent; like most of us, he enjoys the distractions and the trending topics, but breaks when he realises just how damaging those distractions have been to his longer-term priorities and important relationships.

Supported by a hugely impressive techno pop soundtrack and an incredible cast, Guy is a witty examination of the challenges we face as we battle our off and on-line existences in a world where everything, even sex, is immediately available. Fantastic.

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