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Image: SOMNIUM, PH Filipe Alcada, dancer Lila Naruse

Taking an interesting approach to both the staging and performance of contemporary dance, this evening’s triple-bill of new work showcases pieces created by the North East of England’s touring repertory dance company, Fertile Ground. Interweaving visuals medias of dance, film and digital sculpture, Myths & Dreams, as a whole collective, work as an esoteric investigation into modern themes; in particular what it means to be part of society and yet search for individualism and independent thoughts.

Opening work Labyrinth was a Man Who Fell To Earth-spirited production, starting the show with a sci-fi/otherworld inspired parable of escaping the constructs of modern-day, societal, prisons. Alien and dystopian in places, it sets a strong tone for the whole show, combining interesting lighting with creative outfits and a collective dance performance that moves from synchronised choreography to free-form solo work. Followed by work investigating dreams, Somnium, and our ambition to break free from group-norms and group-think, Plubel, Myths & Dreams is a wonderful collective of individual, micro, artistic decisions and dance steps combining to make one interesting big idea. Wow.

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