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Invited onto the gloomy floor of the nightclub we peer voyeuristically at our three leads, huddled together staring through dry ice at the dancefloor where they meet, following them into the toilets for chats, onto the roof for fights and back to the flat for sex.

Stalking three teenage friends embarking on a journey of love, loss and self-discovery, we’re invited to indulge in the carefree naiveté of the oh-so-deep conversations only possible during that chrysalis-cracking point between teen and adult; a cosmic angst laughable in later years but heartbreakingly raw at the time.

Raw and real enough in fact to compel a young man to suicide, a high achiever who was unable to silence the tiny voice asking incessantly ‘what’s the point’? The shocking cornerstone of a fascinating show from Highly Sprung co-directors Mark and Sarah Worth, Fall Out was written in response to rising suicide rates amongst young people.

Boasting a unique not-quite-participation setup, surprises escalated as fights, sex and even whole conversations were transmitted through increasingly abstract dance as the dark twist in the tale – hidden in near-plain sight by one of the characters – was revealed.

Black Mirror by way of Beat It, Fall Out is a vital, invigorating slice of theatre, a view askew at one of the most quietly pressing issues of our age; the kids aren’t alright.



Fallout Trailer from Highly Sprung Performance Co. on Vimeo.

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