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Often the greatest of love letters to a residency, like Woody Allen’s Manhattan, succeed not because they focus solely on the positives of living in a particular place, but because they present the full reality of what life is like when you live, socialise and work in the same location, day after day, week after week, month after month.

Whereas Manhattan contrasted the natural beauty of New York against its ability to both be romanticised all out of proportion and to make you feel small and insignificant, Hannah’s Sowerby’s tale of Penrith looks towards the juxtapositions of small towns, and the horrors of feeling trapped inside a fully explored setting, against the comfort in familiarity and routine.

10 Things To Do In A Small Cumbrian Town is an interesting one person show; Sowerby’s success is in using humour, and location, to present the challenges of adolescence, in particular its ability to have us longing for dreams that often seem unreal and out of reach.

Well-acted, subtly humorous and making great use of an ever-changing cardboard box setting, 10 Things… is an interesting discussion of sexuality, happiness and the challenges of finding peace and excitement in places and relationships that we know so well that they become overly familiar and dull. Great stuff.

10 Things To Do In A Small Cumbrian Town is at Alphabetti, Newcastle until Saturday 11th December

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