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“It’s a girl” the first and last words uttered in this courageous modern adaptation of the literary classic ‘Jane Eyre’.
Charlotte Brontë’s novel, written in 1847, has been re-imagined for stage by the National Theatre in collaboration with Bristol Old Vic and is directed by Sally Cookson. Following a critically-acclaimed season at the National Theatre, Jane Eyre comes to the Theatre Royal in Newcastle until Saturday 8th July.

This classic story that has inspired women for generations continues to move audiences. Jane Eyre is a brave, spirited woman, fighting for her own freedom and fulfilment on her own terms. She has her obstacles to overcome: poverty, injustice and bitter betrayal. She’s surrounded by dark passion and mysterious madness and yet she stands strong and sure. She’s a pioneer, a trailblazer, a true heroine – the ‘Wonder Woman’ of the 19th century.

Yet this dynamic protagonist is vulnerable. She falls in love and ultimately decides to follow her heart. But it is her decision. She retains control of her own destiny.

This innovative production is a feast for the senses, with haunting music, billowing curtains, flickering flames and tumultuous scenes. Written 170 years ago, the theme remains entirely relevant and liberatingly powerful.
It’s a girl, yes, but don’t be fooled by that. This was a girl that the world had never seen before: a girl ready to stand up for herself against prejudice and discrimination.

This girl can. And does.

Jane Eyre is at Theatre Royal, Newcastle until Saturday 8th July.

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