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The Escapades are an emerging Brit-rock band from Newcastle, whose unique and festive sound never fails to get the party started. On Friday 21st February they perform at Independent, Sunderland (alongside The Balcony, Patrick Gosling & Lost Fiction), but before they do frontman Kieran Taylor, gives us his six of the best.

Just to clarify, I don’t want to be influencing people to smash in a load of red and try to write the next UK number 1. When I write songs, it’s all about the getaway, I have a 24 hour rehearsal space that I use purely for ‘songwriting’. I sit down behind the piano and just start to hum a few melodies, recording them all on my iPhone as I go. Once I think I’ve got a catchy little number, I’ll start to find the right chords, and Lyrics to suit. The reason why the Jesus Juice helps me is because it makes you think outside the box, never when you’re sober do you think “whey aye I can jump over that Hedge”, writing is all about pushing the boat out and reaching land that hasn’t yet been discovered.

They’re just brilliant aren’t they? Well…You might not think it now, but if you’ve got an ex and you want to write a song… DO IT, It’s like bread and butter, ex’s and songs were made for each other. Emotions, experiences, Love, Hate… The opportunities are endless, just make sure you don’t go dropping names, never ends well.

The Bath
Nothing quite like jumping into the tub after a long hard day, that day being in the studio, at work, or purely just a day in doing a few jobs, once again, it’s a getaway. I previously mentioned Wine, this concept is very similar. I head on in, lock the door, get my birthday suit on, eyeliner off.. and hop on in. I just lay back, shut my eyes and relax. Once you’re relaxed that’s when you can have a hum, and probably think of your next song, or the next move to make with your music.

Freddy Mercury
If any of you reading this have seen The Escapades live, you’ll know what I mean, if you haven’t you need to get yourself a ticket. Freddy’s my biggest influences, the way he moves, the way he interacts. It just blows my mind. I’d never compare myself to a legend such as Mr Mercury. But I certainly give it my very best to make sure that crowd is entertained, if it means picking someone out or genuinely just going on stage thinking ‘this is the last show I’ll ever play’. You’ve got to put in some serious effort to get your band noticed, especially in the live performance.

I mentioned Freddy previously, about the act and performance. The Escapades all love a bit of eyeliner and Glitter, it all makes the show pop. We actually bring a glitter stall to our gigs and make sure that everyone is wearing it before the show, it makes photo’s look amazing, and after the show you can tell who’s been to one of our concerts (always good when friends go “Bloody Nora, where have you been?!).

Friends and Family
For me, this is very important, nearly as important as wine. You need to make sure you’re surrounded by good strong people, they’re going to push you all the way to the top. I’m very lucky to have the guys in my band. It’s all about making experiences, and just enjoying what you do. My parents were also musicians, so it’s safe to say they’re the reason I’m where I am right now. My dad’s recently started a new band, be sure to check out Filthy Filthy.

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