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Sunderland quintet Silver Club single have just released their latest single, Salt & Pepper. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable slice of fuzzy, psyched up surf rock with soulful vocals, meandering guitars, engaging rhythms and spacey synth sounds, all tied together nicely with some nifty, texture-rich production.

Here, vocalist and keyboard player Aaron Morton, tells us about the bands influences with a Six Of The Best.

We all were brought up around music, with all the classic stuff such as Dylan, Springsteen & The Beach Boys firmly ingrained into our psyches. Most of the modern stuff always tends to be influenced in one way or another by these types of bands, so it’s definitely been advantageous having been exposed to them from an early age! I also take a lot of inspiration primarily in a lyrical sense of frontmen such as Lou Reed, Bowie, and Morrissey for the sheer brazenness of their style.

Streaming services tend to be demonised from a lot of artists in the industry, however the obvious pro is how accessible it has now made music for the masses; through it we’ve all stumbled across a boatload of new bands over the years. Bands that have influenced our style are typically modern day psych bands such Tame impala, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, and The Growlers.

Reading fiction has definitely had an influence not only on lyrical content, but also how those lyrics mould the overall feel of the track. The writer that perhaps had the most influence on me was Fyodor Dostoyevsky, with his explorations into existentialism leaving quite a profound effect on the way you think about the world. It’s difficult to capture that type of vibe within a track, but it’s definitely something that I always find myself thinking about a lot when getting my poetic head on.

We all absolutely love film/TV. Maybe more of a romantic notion but I always pictured us eventually creating something relatively cinematic in some way; I did think our last single ‘Ode to Lem’ had that sort of feel to it. A couple of us are big fans of the Western genre (keep an ear out for the reference in the new single), specifically the legendary Ennio Morricone’s work in the Dollars trilogy! However our biggest influence in film is no doubt Tarantino’s work, with the phrase “Tarantino style riff” uttered in practice more times than Ash (guitarist) has had bottles of Double Maxim. 

Social Science
The brunt of our craic certainly revolves around a lot of political satire, and also ridiculing the state of society, probably stemming from the fact that we are avid South Park fans. It’s definitely something I’m leaning more and more to as time goes on, depending on what the hot topic is in the media. I’m definitely partial to a good Trump-bashing lyric from time to time; maybe we can slip one in to a single release before the inauguration.

Made cool again with Tranquillity Base Hotel & Casino, it’s difficult not to become engrossed with anything space-related. The notion is somewhat beautiful, terrifying and captivating all at the same time, and is something that has always peaked my interest. A long-term goal of mine is to write an EP based around something of that ilk, and recreate the type of sound that was achieved on Dark Side of the Moon. 

Creating an image for the band is a crucial part of showing people what you are all about, and fashion definitely plays a big part in that. We’ve always been advocates of pushing the boat out with attire choices, and having a laugh about it on stage. We try not to take it too seriously so we don’t really mind too much what people think. It’s just something else you can bring to the table in terms of forming an aesthetic. A pair of goofy corduroy trousers had been a staple in the two support gigs that we did earlier this year, but we’re hoping Kings of Leon don’t call us from 2004 asking for them back.

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