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County Durham music outfit Reservoirs follow up their debut single, Blast Bleach, with their latest offering, Signora. The single is a unique and eclectic offering, with notes of Country, crooners of the 50’s and pop bands of the 60’s brought together with a bit of Latin flair and some charming production. There’s some lovely guitar playing right the way through and a cracking lead vocal that brings the track to a super satisfying finale. 

Here, the band give us their six of the best…

As a band our interests come from a wide range of stuff, I (Philip) feel like I’m constantly absorbing stuff all the time and it’s probably why I feel the band’s style is hard to pin down. 

Having a background in musical theatre, I feel like I really got into lots of older stuff quite quickly and then it just went from there. Over the lockdown we as a band went back to a lot of that but also really got into lots of soundtracks, mostly horror stuff or tense Morricone, lots of scary tense stuff to fit the mood at the time. 

1. Music
Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs – Marty Robbins

It’s just the best album for me, I heard it first after watching Breaking Bad and El Paso is in Walter’s car as he’s driving. I thought it was just the best storytelling and growing up I loved watching westerns with my dad. I then got back into it after hearing SE Rogie’s I wish I was a cowboy (his song Please Go Easy On Me is probably my favourite song at the moment).

2. Movies
I’ve picked a couple of movies, first is Grand Budapest Hotel. It’s really hard to say this is my favourite movie, but this is my favourite movie. Watched it just before I went interrailing a few years ago and it just hit me perfectly. Also going back to it I love the Citizen Kane est sad old man story at the end.

3. Movies
Robert Eggers’ Lighthouse was the last movie I watched before the lockdown (we are all big Eggers fans, I watched Lighthouse on Joe’s recommendation ) and I felt like it was a preview for the next few months. That sense that isolation is actually really scary and harmful is what the song blast beach is about.

4. TV
I watched the Sopranos during lockdown and it was just everything for me. Liam S lives in the same house and has heard all of my terrible impressions a million times. I don’t binge watch anything though, no more than one episode every three days, and ideally leave a week in between. Let things sit in your mind for a bit.

5. Travel
I love travelling, I’m writing this in Paris now actually. But the North-East is amazing, when I started going out with my girlfriend, I did tour guide days around the North-East and it really lets you think this place is amazing. I particularly recommend the reservoirs, the Derwent is the biggest, Tunstall is the prettiest and Waskerley is the best journey (you can cycle it anywhere from Sunderland to Consett and it’s all downhill on your way back) Me and Liam P did it about two weeks ago, great times. 10/10.

6. Music
I feel I should pick another music as we are a band. Nothing like what we play as a band but the best album that I’ve listened to recently is Ethiopiques, vol. 21: Emahoy by Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou. Yeah just the most beautiful piano album from start to finish.

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