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Hartlepool popsters Marketplace are gearing up for a spate of releases over the coming weeks, kicking off with their juicy new single, Fruit. It’s a typically fun and catchy summer anthem from the band, and will no doubt go down a storm at live shows.

To give some insight into their new track, the band offer up their Six of the Best…

Album: Blaenavon – That’s Your Lot

We all originally bonded over this album in our early days of being a band. At one point we even covered a couple of songs from it. It’s still one we listen to as a go-to when we’re in the car together. We could pick any of these to choose as favourites but Let’s Pray and Take Care stand out.

Book: Any of the QI fact books

There’s seven of these things and Ross has read them all at some point. When we’d travel quite far to gigs, we’d bring them and read some facts out. Pretty good talking points for when the energy is flagging a bit three hours into a trip to Bristol. Also great material for going down a Wikipedia rabbit hole.

Venue: The Studio

It’s our hometown venue and somewhere where we all have some pretty great memories of not only playing gigs but watching a tonne too. We’ve had some of the best nights of our lives in there playing shows with our friends and supporting some really cool people there too!

Food: Ross’ fried chicken with a side of Joel’s subway order

We ate far too much of both of these whilst recording this EP. Sadly we can’t give away Ross’ chicken recipe, as it’s a family secret and we’ll have to have you whacked. But we can however, tell you Joel’ signature subway order: 

Italian herbs & cheese, Steak and Cheese (shredded, not American), single portion because Joel can’t afford to double up on it, hash browns, toasted, then add your lettuce, gherkins, jalapeños, peppers, onions four ways (red, caramelised, crispy and sweet onion sauce), and finish it off with chipotle sauce too. NEVER get sweetcorn though. Oh, and obviously it has to be a footlong. 

Series: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

The boys are really out tonight, huh? This one’s a pretty obvious choice…It’s because of the implication. (We quote this show too much for our own good at this point).

Film: The Wrong Trousers

We defy you to name one single element of this movie that isn’t absolutely perfect. It has the greatest chase scene put to film, the best antagonist, a fantastic score and is so whimsical it literally melts all your troubles away from the instant the first frame hits your eyes. All this to say; if you don’t like this movie you are the worst person in the world and we all hate your guts.

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