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Kay Wilson, a South Tyneside writer whose near-death experience led her to take up stand-up comedy has written a novel inspired by the events.

The Stand Up Mam is about one woman’s journey to happiness which is achieved by facing the mistakes of her past and talking about them on stage, in front of strangers. She is supported by a mentor who encourages her to find her own voice and be funny at the same time.

Copies of the novel can be ordered here, as well as from The Bound bookshop Whitley Bay.

Here, Kay tells us about her influences with a six of the best…

1. Film
I think the original Coen brothers’ film Fargo is fantastic. It stars Frances McDormand as one of the most interesting female protagonists I’ve ever seen. She is a pregnant US local cop tracking down dangerous villains with dead-pan common sense and such funny one-liners.  And she saves the day!

2. Literature
One of my favourite books of last year was Newcastle writer Rose Wilding’s book, Speak of the Devil. I don’t often read thrillers but this was fantastic. I heard Rose speak about the inspiration for it, apparently, she’d been furious at something inappropriate a man had said. The rage she felt certainly prepared firepower for the story which blasts along, twisting and turning, while generating such empathy for the characters.

3. Music
It is maybe a bit atypical for an older woman but I absolutely love heavy rock music and used to be a punk. Now I am obsessed with Slash’s new album Orgy of the Damned. He has legendary guest artists such as Brian Johnson, Billy Gibbons and Beth Hart, singing famous blues covers.

4. TV
I was torn between Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul but have decided to nominate the latter by a squeak. This US series follows an attorney who is a wide-boy salesman at heart but operating as a legal counsel for a series of increasingly dangerous criminals. You completely root for Saul against all the odds and see all his complicated flaws and warmth shine through. Brilliant acting and scriptwriting.

5. Comedy
Jason Cook is without doubt one of the most naturally funny people I have ever seen on stage. I was trying to do stand-up when I first came across him at a gong show in Stockon, where he was the MC. His ability to ad-lib with the audience and deliver one-liners was a thing of wonder. I’ve seen him do his own show a few times since and he is always great value and hilarious.

6. Podcast
I always listen to Elizabeth Day’s How to Fail podcast when I go to the gym and I love the diverse range of guests she talks to. Each one gives a good insight into the person being interviewed and there are hundreds to choose from, including rock stars to eminent doctors. They each outline what hasn’t gone right and how that shaped their success. I always come away learning something for my own self-development and enjoy her empathetic style.


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