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Middlesbrough indie-folk artist Finn Forster follows up his well received debut EP, Lockdown B-sides, with his captivating new single, Time. This latest offering is a contemplative track about regret and self-reassurance, soulfully sung by Finn and accompanied by ambient, Nashville inspired twangs, smouldering percussion and ethereal harmonies.

We find out about the films that have inspired Finn, with his Six Of The Best…

Nowhere Boy 
I remember, as a teenager during my days at school watching Nowhere Boy for the first time. The film was based on the life of John Lennon, from first picking up an instrument to eventually starting up the Beatles. The actor, Aaron Johnson nailed his portrayal in my eyes. It was a massive insight into that era for me, I remember thinking ‘wow I belong in the 50’s & 60’s and man, I still wish I was sometimes. I was fascinated. I started wearing my blazer collar up at school and going about my day trying to portray the confidence that I’d seen Aaron Johnson portray as John. It’s mad looking back now, it sounds hilarious but I guess it must have had some lasting effect on me considering I ended up pursuing music full time. 

I spent my childhood right up to my early teens wanting to be a professional footballer. I loved the game. Still do. I was out from the minute I got in from school to the second it was too dark to see the ball in my back garden. Everything was a goal in my eyes, all I needed was a football. The closest I’ve ever got to the feeling of being a footballer is taking a penalty at half time at the riverside. I turned  around to take the whole crowd in walking out onto the pitch just like I’d seen Santiago Munez do when he finally lived his dream of playing in the premier league. Nevertheless, I skied my Penner into the upper North Stand. Probably picked a guitar up not long after that. 

Rocky IV 
I sat and watched the full franchise across a weekend as a kid. I was stuck to the screen and remember I kept asking my mam the out the next one on as soon as one would finish. It’s the first time I’d saw real determination, grit and perseverance laid out in front of me. I remember wanting to start boxing after it. It was Rocky IV that made me realise it doesn’t matter what’s in your way. If you want to do it. You can find a way. Those are cool memories man. I probably still work out to this day because of those films. 

The film adaptation of the book The Dark Fields. I loved this film. I liked the idea of just being able to use more of your brain. For some odd reason, it motivated me more than any other film ever has to try to be like Bradley Cooper’s character. I got home and tidied my room until it was spotless. Sounds quite funny now. But it’s mad how a film can impact you that way. I watch it every now and then and it still has similar effects. I just love how organised he suddenly gets. 

Supersonic was a really inspiring insight into how Oasis formed. Stuff I never knew and the behind the scenes stories about how they formed and spent there early days before they blew up. I always find that inspiring as an artist. It’s so relatable when you hear about the little gigs and the struggles. That documentary related to me incredibly. Really inspirational things that made me feel, ah well these boys haven’t come from much. They pulled it off and they didn’t care what anyone thought while doing it. Stuff I live for. 

Fight Club 
One of the characters I’ve ever seen for a film. I’m a huge fan of Brad Pitt in a lot of his films and characters he portrays. Now I’m not saying this film influenced me to get a group of guys together and go have a massive scrap in one of the various derelict buildings in Middlesbrough. But I did think, Brad Pitt’s character was one of the coolest Guys ever. It got me wanting to work out more, chill out abit more in a good way and be more confident. I just wanted to replicate all the good characteristics I’d seen to be honest. Crazy how a character portrayed so well can affect your persona I guess. It fades away after a while I guess but I still absolutely love the film. It’s so well written and the twist was surprisingly not expected for me as I usually try and find anything that might for-shadow scenarios in films.

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