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Sunderland indie-rock outfit Docksuns return with their single, So Cold Love. Written by vocalist James the track, which picks up on the story told in their last single Blew Up A Kiss, is about breaking away from a rocky relationship; conjuring up a feeling of freedom with its transcendent guitars and soaring vocals within an expansive, melody-rich soundscape.

Here the band talk about their influences with a six of the best…

Influences from the music industry include a range of huge names, bands from all eras, solo artists but one that stands out for me and who really did reach the top of his career, is Freddie Mercury. Raw talent, a vocal range longer than the wear. Queen combined rock n roll with their classical educational background, to create music that will never be heard again. Bohemian Rhapsody is the greatest song of all time, now there’s a statement for you!!

Dave Grohl is another from music who we think has always been up there with the greats, and after over 30 years in the industry in a range of successful rock bands, he still makes some awesome records. What a magician!!

Both artists have influenced our latest work, from guitar riffs to vocal melodies.

Leonardo Di Caprio is a legend of the film industry, an icon to many. The film that stands out to me the most is Wolf of Wall Street. I’d imagine when Docksuns release their first album and the pay cheque comes through the door, this is how I think we would live. At least for a couple of weeks, until we were broke again. One can only dream.

I’m not quite sure how Leo would have influenced our latest track musically, but in terms of a goal, we’re hoping it can get us where we want to be!!

Jools Holland, for me, is a TV legend, with a huge musical background. I’ve watched his show for the last 20 year, tuning it to every New Year’s Eve party. What an experience it would be to play on the show, and it has to be a goal for the band. Again, it’s not so much an influence of the music, but maybe something to aim for… Docksuns on Later with Jools Holland, love it.

This, the easiest one for us as a band, and for me personally, life influences come from family. My grandad, a pianist, guitarist of the 60/70’s era, playing in bars and pubs all across Sunderland for years, he made me want to learn about music, and also the first person to introduce me to a guitar.

I think in everything we write as a band, there’s always some part of the music or lyrics, influenced by our own personal experiences and mostly coming from family/friends’ experiences in life. ‘So Cold Love’ reflects this, as the story isn’t a personal one, but from an experience of a friend of Docksuns.

Family and friends are what life is all about, with a seasoning of music, you can’t really go wrong.

Not really into my art as in painting, but music is art and we effing love music. A record is a way of exciting your feelings through your ears, a record needs dynamic’s, it needs a hook, something to make your brain trigger a feeling. There is an art to writing such a piece of music, anybody who has ever written some music is an artist and we can take influence from this. Just good people making music for good people.

I would have loved to have been around in the 80’s as a teenager, the music scene was off the chart. A group of people who inspired thousands of musicians, inspired hundreds of fashions, and will continue to influence my music for years to come. Everyone musically just seemed to be lost in music as sister sledge put it, nothing was off limits, and it looked like a decade of partying.

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