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Taking place throughout Middlesbrough on Saturday 12th October, Twisterella Festival once more promises to present some of the most exciting up and coming bands from around the country. Ahead of their Middlesbrough show, Robbie from Scottish pop rockers Dancing On Tables tells us about a few of the band’s varied influences…

Pixies – Surfer Rosa
I discovered Pixies through another one of my favourite artists covering Where Is My Mind? at a festival when I was 14/15. I remember first listening to the album a day later and being taken aback by how much it was exactly everything I wanted to hear in music. My tastes have changed slightly since, but that album still stands the tests of time 21 years on.

Natural Born Killers
Admittedly, I rewatched this film recently and it didn’t quite live up to the hype that I had given it beforehand. Woody Harrelson is excellent and although looking back there are a few questionable scenes, it’s the movie that made an impact on me most. We even have an unreleased demo called Mickey and Mallory after it.

What We Do In The Shadows
This comes from Jermaine Clement, whose Flight of the Conchords work is an all-time favourite series. Matt Berry is one of the lead actors whose work I love (see also: Toast of London), but this is definitely my favourite comedy I’ve recently watched.

Linda Mccartney Retrospective at Kelvingrove
Despite me only knowing her for her sausages, I really enjoyed this exhibition recently. It gives you a look into Beatles-era photography, as well as classics such as Hendrix and The Rolling Stones.

Trainspotting Live
They ran this show for the duration of The Fringe in Edinburgh. It seemed like everyone else had seen this before me, but it is a really entertaining show and definitely does the movie justice.

That Peter Crouch Podcast
You spend so much time driving in vans when you are a musician that podcasts become a part of everyday life. We’ve tried a few and this is definitely the best. I’m looking forward to them being back stronger soon.

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