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North-East producer Anthony Pears releases his new 3 track Tricknology EP on Friday 16th April via Mexican label DropLow records, which showcases his unique style of tech house. Inspired by nineties hip-hop and rave and incorporating a choice selection of samples, this latest release has a real old school flavour but is brought up bang up to date with it’s smooth, contemporary production. It’s the perfect soundtrack for all those out having a few post-lockdown pints in their gardens or beer gardens. 

Here, Anthony tells us about his inspirations with his Six Of The Best…

Television – The Inbetweeners 
I don’t watch a lot of television these days so if I had to pick something for this category it has to  be something that’s made me laugh over the years, I’m always late at catching on to popular  trends for instance I’ve never seen game of thrones (shock) but the one series i can always rely on  to make me laugh would be The Inbetweeners, I guess because if your English it’s so relatable, everybody had a friend growing up like Jay who would lie and make stuff up to look good and  impress you, I definitely did, not naming names. I enjoyed both movies and if you go on YouTube  you can watch best bit compilations which are good for a giggle. Another series I’ve just finished  binge watching, late again as usual is Friday night dinner which actually stars Simon Bird (Will)  from The Inbetweeners as Adam, sadly Paul Ritter who plays Dad, Martin, just recently passed  away so R.I.P Paul Ritter. 

Music – 2pac 
First of all wanna start by saying I’m a massive fan I’d even go as far as saying a 90’s hip hop fanatic! I guess it’s because I grew up during the time of all these classic albums dropping from  Nas, Mobb Deep, Wu-tang and Snoop while most my mates were into judgement day and  resurrection (rave) I gravitated towards hip hop, I still remember buying all eyes on me when it  came out in 1996 I was in high school, I’d actually already seen Tupac in the movies juice and  above the rim but didn’t realise he was a rapper. The older I’ve gotten through the more I  appreciate how ahead of his time he was definitely a modern day prophet when you listen to his  more conscious political material you realise what a true artist and poet he was. So R.I.P 2pac, also R.I.P Black the Ripper another MC I’ve been listening to a lot lately who again I’ve only  caught onto last year… better late than never! 

Poetry – Kahlil Gibran 
Not gonna lie I’m not deep into poetry and I don’t have that much knowledge on the subject but  one poet I am a fan of since reading his book ‘thoughts and meditations’ is Khalil Gibran, the  book is a collection of short stories and poems from the mind of a genius. Born in Lebanon he  immigrated to the USA as a child returning to Beirut at age 15. His poetry has the ability to  transport you to the likes of ancient Persia with his vividly descriptive style. Considered a prophet  all over the world and hailed a hero in his native Lebanon R.I.P Kahlil Gibran. 

Sport – Newcastle United 
Being from Seghill and my Dad and uncle being massive fans of the club it was inevitable I would  have a long love affair with Newcastle United (not so much at the minute). My first memory of  going to a match was in the late 80’s as a little boy, my dad took me on the Gallowgate terraces  back before St. James’s looks like it does now the concrete steps and yellow streams of urine  was a bit different to current times, I was only young but remember being passed down towards  the front to stand on the concrete barriers so I could see, the giant scoreboard stood behind the  terraces like something of a Subbuteo pitch, I don’t remember much more but do recall Micky Quin  was playing that day. I was lucky enough to be a teenager during the Kevin Keegan days and  have many fond memories watching from the east stand and was a season ticket holder during  the Bobby Robson era, I think the less we talk about the current state of the club the better! R.I.P  Pavel Srnicek 

Literature – The Ancient Secret Of The Flower Of Life 
So over the past few years I’ve become really interested in spirituality and esoteric literature. one  of the first books I read was the ancient secret of the flower of life vol 1&2 by Drunvelo Melchizedeks, the books cover a wide range of topics from sacred geometry to the evolution of  consciousness; it’s basically an in-depth look at forbidden knowledge and hermeticism. Another 

book that’s really helped me on my journey is the master key system by Charles F Haanel; it’s  basically a more in depth version of the secret outlining positive thinking and the law of attraction. 

Film – Friday 
Finishing on a lighter note I’m picking this one not just because it’s a fun easy to watch comedy  but because of the memory attached to it, I got this on DVD as a Christmas present and I  remember after dinner my parents, brother and grandparents would play cards in the kitchen, I  wasn’t really into it so remember watching this on the sofa. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s a  hood comedy starring and directed by Ice cube, the film also stars a young Chris tucker before he  would become the Hollywood superstar you know from the rush hour movies. R.I.P Grandma and  Grandad x

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