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Alt rockers The Firelight Opera release new single Communication Breakdown tomorrow. Ahead of that, we bring you an exclusive chance to hear the title track from their forthcoming album.

It features all of their melodic, alternative goodness, and sets the band up with lots of excitement for the new release.

They said this about the song…

“The song is about feeling isolated and neglected and finding the strength to go it alone. The title comes from some graffiti we spotted on the wall in Kurt Cobain’s childhood home which is documented on YouTube. Kurt was a fan of Led Zeppelin and wrote the title of their track, Communication Breakdown on his wall as a reference to his parent’s toxic relationship. We are heavily influenced by Kurt Cobain and Nirvana so we thought it was a cool idea to base the track and album title on it. His graffiti is also what inspired the artwork theme for our album and lyric booklet.”

The Firelight Opera release Communication Breakdown tomorrow.

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