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Darlington’s sonderminds is the creative project of singer-songwriter Paul Piper whose expansive, yet delicate sound is described by the band as ‘tender-psych’. We’re privileged to get an exclusive first listen to their latest offering, Faux Pas (released tomorrow), a track they recorded at home (very wise in this current climate) and mixed by Ronald Raygun’s Sam Kennedy.

There’s plenty to enjoy on this single which takes you on a bright and breezy adventure from the rich rumblings of the verses to the mid-range meanderings of the bridge and ascending to the sharp and sumptuous shrills of guitar in the riffalicious chorus. It’s a transition that’s all beautifully tied together with the veneer of an eighties style production and the contemplative soul of the Paul Piper’s lead vocals.

You might mistake the dreamy tone of the song for an air of melancholy but as Paul is keen to point out, it’s a little more optimistic than that, “I think without getting too deep into it,  the overall theme or message of the song I was going for is about not losing hope, and that no matter how all-encompassing or overwhelming a situation/feeling is, things can get better.”

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