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Following some excellent releases this year, hiphop/soul music duo PSiMiTAR return with their latest single, Everybody (It’s OK) featuring MistaBreeze. The single, with its heartfelt spoken word verses, infectious brassed up chorus and super-smooth middle eight is available on Bandcamp from Friday 26th June, with all Bandcamp proceeds towards CALM mental health charity. 

We’re delighted to be given an exclusive listen to the new track as well as a bit of behind the music information from the creators themselves.

Steesh – I made the beat for this track quite a while ago now, it began with the basic piano melody and really just built up around that, I thought it had a really optimistic and positive feel to it which really just helped write itself.
I wanted the song to steadily build towards the end, resulting in the positive and assuring end message of ‘its ok to not be ok’.
The idea and message is about everybody having their own struggles and the need to come together, open up and talk about our problems. That we are not alone and we can overcome anything if we work together.
Myself and MistaBreeze have suffered with mental health issues such as depression, so I wanted him to be involved and put his point of view across addressing his problems with diabetes and his eyesight. That hopefully it can connect with people going through their own problems and realising they are not alone.
The track really reminds me of something we might have heard from Macklemore a few years ago but with a PSiMiTAR spin on it, with the funky talkbox elements and the awesome brass sections played on sax by Alex Saxon. It is another soulful Hip Hop track with the smooth vocals of LKP really standing out on this one for me.

Part of the track was recorded at my home studio, but MistaBreeze and LKP both have home setups also, and obviously during lockdown we couldn’t really come together to work on the song.
So the guys recorded their vocals at their own homes and we worked around it that way. I think the track is a real earworm and will hopefully bring people together in support of it for such a great cause.

Kriss – When Steesh played me the beat, I loved the feeling of optimism from the chord structure. Steesh had a basic hook written, so we recorded that and had an idea for my verse before lockdown, but as he said, we are all lucky enough to have access to recording at home, so I could expand on it and finish it here. I loved the brass on it. We had been trying to think of a good cause to support with the song, Steesh had mentioned maybe raising some money or awareness for a mental health charity and I had seen CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) on my socials, and I liked some of the other projects they were involved, and with them having a streaming playlist of uplifting songs, they already recognised music as a means of helping people. If we can help in any way at all, then it’s a good thing. 

In terms of other releases, we have more singles lined up for the rest of 2020, and hopefully we can start to organise some live stuff for whenever the government wants to let music go ahead again. The first music we have dropped has had really good support, so we just want to keep that ball rolling virtually for now. 

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