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Teesside outfit Failed Imagineers release their debut single, Thanks I Hate It on 10th October via Bandcamp and then via all good streaming sites a bit later, on 24th October (pre-save here). The duo of Phil Saunders and Kev Ellison were inspired by their love of the rising local rock scene and their hatred of The Tories and over lockdown they got together, built a home studio and “wrote a hundred songs”

This first offering is a rip-roaring, million miles an hour, rock ‘n’ roll number with frantic staccato, punchy chorus and riffs aplenty and we are delighted to be given an exclusive first listen before its release. 

Here, Phil tells us more about the song…

Rewind 18months. So Boris locked us all down, blew a zillion quid on super wasteful shit, ruined the economy, ruined people’s mental health. He fucked up the country and he fucked us up. Everything the Tories have done over the past 18months has been disastrous. 

We had the worst possible team of people in charge at the worst possible time. 

So Thanks guys, thanks a lot, for everything you did “to help” – we hate it.

MEANWHILE, it seemed that many people lost their shit being stuck inside of course. Awful. Those that managed to keep sane, find solace, find sanity, found it, by simply running, walking, exploring the world like I did, in a radius of about 5 miles of my house. Not everyone was this lucky. But for some,  It was like humans returning to the wilderness. We had to find our own way back from the madness. That’s how it felt.

THEN, Boris tells us we can all pile back to the shops, back to the pub. You know the rest. Social Anxiety, Death Rates, Businesses that don’t know which side of the line to stand on.

I feel sorry for the hairdressers, one minute they’re getting fines for opening, then they’re told to get on with it. Back and forth. Trying to catch the latest government advice tweet to see whether their livelihoods are fucked or not. A nightmarish time to run a barbershop.

I’ll tell you what’s been inspiring, watching, through the social media lens, the new wave of local Teesside bands that are coming through, and who have battled through this awful pandemic. Bands like Motherland from Boro and Onlooker, Without gigs or many of the usual outlets for bands being available, it seems like they just been grafting, writing, making videos, it’s class to see. Their new songs are the best they’ve had. Poor kids have had nowt else to do but write eh? But the results are top notch songs. Again, the pandemic has distilled what it is to be a band down to its core – the music. 

Another huge inspiration has been and is my old mate Kingsley and Benefits. It is a few miles away sonically from we do but I take great pleasure in watching him carve his very own niche in post-punk’s underbelly. He’s doing exactly what the fuck he wants, how he wants. He doesn’t need me singing his praises when he’s got A-list celeb fans ha! – but there’s a spirit of real punk rock in Benefits. We intend to follow a similar rule of thumb throughout our “new career”  with our band;  here’s is our shit, we do it passionately because we love it, and we just don’t mind one bit if you’re not arsed.”

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