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Monthly event Scratch Tyne is an opportunity for local poets to try out their new material, play some workshops games and chat to other writers. This month, it took on a slightly different format in that it was hosted by funny poet and multiple slam champion, Scott Tyrell.

The session was split up into writing and performance opportunities. Tyrell set us up with some tasks to get us thinking, our starting points being embarrassing incidents or a conversation between a fictional character and a celebrity. It was incredibly beneficial to have that dedicated time to writing, and be able to bounce off the other writers, with Tyrell on hand for excellent advice.

Tyrell shared some of his own poetry with us, demonstrating comic performance techniques in his hilarious recount of being caught in the act by his stepdaughter. He was full of anecdotes and writing tips, coaching us on both performing and writing comedy poetry and stand up.

We then had the chance to perform what we had been working on in the session; performing material that we had just written was really interesting. On one hand, it does make you more vulnerable, having had minimal practice but on the other hand, being less attached to our scribblings meant we could experiment freely and be more open to feedback. It was challenging, as it is particularly nerve-wracking to try to make people laugh, but was definitely strengthening for a performer.

I would recommend attending a future Scratch Tyne to any writers in the area as having that opportunity to practice in a relaxed and friendly environment is absolutely invaluable to your development.

For more information on Scratch Tyne, visit the Apples and Snakes website.

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