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South-Shields rapper Sam Thomas drops his new single Drive, taken from his debut EP, Process, which features singer and MC, Abi Nyxx who according to Sam, “Is becoming a name that every rapper around the country wants as a feature.”

From the first listen the vibrancy of the beat did something to my central nervous system, causing involuntary shoulder swirls that progressed down the spine and developed into hip grinds. The song is lively, yet still has plenty of space to breathe, and is earthed by Sam’s warm delivery that welcomes you into the track. My focus shifts to the content of the song when the chorus asks if he is a nice guy or not and I spend the next couple of listens intently trying to work that out. I mean his smile is lovely, but then there’s all this talk of only being a minute away if needed and keeping an emotional distance at the same time. Then again, he did say that he needs a nice life… argh, I can’t work it out. 

Abi’s vocals work incredibly well when she comes in midway through the track, juxtaposing Sam’s in terms of sharpness and attack on the delivery. Her lyrics seem more forthcoming (I won’t spoil the opening few lines for you) and whatever I think about Sam, I am lead to believe that Abi is much worse. It’s an interesting relationship dynamic that sucks nosey curtain twitchers like me right in as I try and make sense of it all.

Anyway, I digress. The song is well-produced, the collaboration works and it got me thinking about values within modern-day relationships as my hips bubbled to the beat. Sounds like a winner to me.

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