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Released: 11th December 2014

Newcastle quartet Coquin Migale’s new EP F E E L opens with their best song to date, the readymade gig opening G O L D. It dominates the EP, an obvious single which works because of the way it flits unpredictably between different ideas. There’s the twitchy, taut guitar sound of Peace, but also sledgehammer bursts of grunge, tenser interludes, nicely ungainly lyrics and a genuinely catchy chorus of vocalist Alex Soper cooing “feels like I’ve been dreeeeaming,” which is still stuck in my head as I write this.

After a song so bracingly ambitious, it’s natural that the rest of the EP feels like B-sides to the A-side of G O L D, but there’s still plenty to like. Interlude is full-on noise rock, which doesn’t really go anywhere but shows another side to the band’s sound, which is at its best when it is harder to pinpoint. Although it is at least a minute or two too long, the atmospheric Paris improves with each listen, hooks emerging gradually from the noise. Socotra, named after the botanically notable and remote island in the Indian Ocean, doesn’t quite live up to the promise of its title, but its chorus and louder moments are satisfyingly full-on and would definitely be a live highlight. At times, the band sound a little too much like Peace, or other bands who sound like Peace, but this is largely avoided by the unexpected detours into noise and grunge, which keep the EP exciting throughout.

Although it is by no means unique, and doesn’t quite contain enough to separate Coquin Migale from similar bands just yet, F E E L feels like a band aiming for bigger venues and a bigger sound, and, with impressive songs like G O L D, they should manage this comfortably.

Coquin Migale’s F E E L EP is released on 11th December 2014. A launch party will be held tonight (10th December) at the Head of Steam, Newcastle.

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