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Antony Daly is the mastermind behind 586 Records, a new independent record store located in Commercial Union House on Pilgrim Street, Newcastle. Daly is offering an extensive collection of second hand records, including some real rarities from his own collection. For the first in this new series, Daly takes us through five of his top picks from the current stock at the store, from Detroit Techno to Phenomenal Handclap Band spinoffs.

To read the interview that Mark Corcoran-Lettice held with Daly last week, click here.

1) Paqua – Akaliko

A solid debut album from a super group which comprises former members of The Phenomenal Handclap Band and Claremont 56’s head honcho and very own Glenn Ponder, alongside Paul “Mudd” Murphy, Alex Searle and percussionist Patrick Dawes.

Separately, they have written, produced and appeared on some of the finest, more leftfield, dance music over the previous 15 years or so.

From down-tempo, almost folky songs, such as The Callin, to “taps arf” peak timers, such Late Train, it’s an immaculately produced album, full of songs and grooves, via a quality array of individuals that will sound equally at home on a turntable in the safety of your front room, or being at the front of a stage, with your head in a speaker, 100s of miles away and basking in the sun rising and setting.

2) Ben E King – Music Trance

First heard, via Kelvin Andrews, at the first Suono Sundays in around May 2005. This appeared as the B-Side of Stand By Me, which was used on a Levi 501’s advert, ensuring that wearers of Geordie Jeans got in the tin bath with them on. Music Trance is a mid-tempo disco number with a great chorus of “It’s the rhythm that makes you move/ You fall in a trance, you get in a groove.” Numerous copies come and go through 586 and I take pleasure in switching people onto it. A cheap-to-pick up record but a quality one all the same.

3) Carl Craig – Volume Two

What to say, about Carl Craig? He’s one of the original Detroit Techno pioneers who’s continuously pushed the boundaries of electronic music for over 25 years, and continues to do so. This double pack contains his remixes of Yello, S-Express, Dave Angel, Kenny Larkin, Telex, The Orb, Alexander Robotnik and has a collab with Derrick May from years ago that still sounds way ahead of what many could hope to achieve today. Electronic music with soul.

4) Space – Carry On, Turn Me On (Remix)

Found on the B-Side of Magic Fly. French disco, not some Euro pre-Viagra, mail order only enabler.

Carry On is a 7:33 min, wigged-out disco bomb, remixed in 1985 by FLOOD (legendary engineer for the likes of New Order, Soft Cell, Psychic TV, U2 and Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds). Absolutely timeless and playing it at that moment will turn it into a hands-down Nu Med Tear Jerker. Tears and perspiration will be shed, like Tetley’s tea from a mug (where FLOOD got his name from).

To listen to the FLOOD remix, pop into 586 and use their turntables!

5) Colorama – Hapus?

This is an early release on Aficionado Recordings out of Manchester, from the hearts and minds of two of the best music selectors the City has seen in recent times.

Years of putting on wonderful parties and unearthing some great and odd (in a good way) tunes and playing them to a loyal band of merry men (and women) on Sundays has put Jason Boardman and Moonboots at the forefront of all that’s Balearic. The next logical step, I’d imagine, was to start releasing some of the quality music they were being sent. Top that off with wonderful artwork and you’ve set yourself a high benchmark when it comes to the finished product, one that gently keeps on creeping upwards.

Their third release, Hapus?, was remixed by Begin, a Bugged Out! and mysterious individual. A beautiful remix and piece of music which is fuzzy, warm and dreamlike. Keep an eye and ear open, for all things Aficionado and Begin in 2015. You’ll be grateful you did.

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