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“Hard-right governments, savage cuts, hate-core press, resurgence of fascism (please look up definitions of … to understand how strongly stable, ruthless and populist authoritarianism to demonise ‘others’ is not a historic ideology but keeps resurfacing), royal weddings, con party members with such entitlement they sold the idea Nelson Mandela was a terrorist – that history created the current mess. Without challenging the current shock-doctrine, data/surveillance capital then clusterfuck…”

What decade is sean burn, writer and lover of creative resistance, talking about? The 1980s or the 2010s? Trick question – the answer is both. sean created new theatrical production joey, which tours the region the month, with this very phenomenon in mind; that we really don’t appear to be doing very well learning from our past mistakes. joey (lack of capitalisation deliberate) encapsulates the experiences of three misfits navigating the care system, the school yard, and all that growing up in 1980s Britain could throw at them. It was supposedly a rougher time to be around, since we’ve apparently made so much progress since the 80s as a society. So why do the years of Thatcherism, Reaganism and climate crises feel all too familiar? Maybe we haven’t moved forward as much as we thought we had. sean burn advocates change – through the collectivist identity we could all find in joey. 

“The future hasn’t been written despite what the Boris-Piers-Smogs say. Britain is the sixth largest economy in the world, over two point five trillion pounds flowing through these islands annually. These islands are in a sweet spot, including climate, space (a vast area with not especially high population density) and an amazing wealth of talent ‘paid in’ by peoples from all over the world, of all ethnicities, socio-economic statuses, genders (trans, cis and beyond), disabilities, sexualities, ages etc. so why are we being lied to? What couldn’t we achieve collectively? We could design so many things out of every system? Let’s love and rage instead, add voices (plural) into the mix, building better futures for all (other species included).”

It’s not a new thing for people to have issues – we’ve all had our own trials to deal with in our lives. But the divide and conquer mentality of so many have left society fragmented and searching for solutions for our own problems. Maybe if we took a step back and listened to all the joeys in our lives, we might just find the remedy to suit us all.
joey is performed at Queen’s Hall, Hexham on Thursday 6th, ARC in Stockton on Wednesday 12th and Northern Stage, Newcastle from Thursday 13th-Saturday 15th June.

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