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Now in its fourth year, Newcastle’s Great Northern Amp Worship (GNAW) returns to the Star & Shadow Cinema for what will be the very last time in its current location, and organisers Waheela and Inverted Grimm-Mill Recordings have promised a night that will see off the unique venue with a bang.

Celebrating the extreme end of noise, last year’s GNAW was a mammoth event, the mighty Palehorse headlining a furious night of heavy riffs and big drums, ably supported by the likes of Tide of Iron and We Are Knuckledragger. This year things look like they’ll be stepped up once again, but with a darker twist.

Doom and drone will be taking centre stage at the altar for this year’s GNAW, with the Ouseburn being treated to some of the most atmospheric, inspiring bands in the field from all over the country.

Headliners The Wounded Kings are a top doom metal band, hailing from Dartmouth, signed to Candlelight Records and inspired by the occult: expect a massive finish from them. Before that there’s a rare chance to see the utterly mesmerising Sunwølf from Leeds whose music transforms from the delicately beautiful to skull crushingly heavy in a heartbeat; Atragon who have a vicious sound, heavy on the riffs; and Glasgow’s Voe, a doom metal band who have a heavy influence from the likes of Sunn O))). Two local acts open the night: Waheela will take their customary slot, and as an entirely improvised outfit, anything could happen in those 30 minutes, but it’ll be bloody brilliant whatever it is. Nathalie Stern will also be playing after recently returning to the music world after a two year hiatus, with a perplexing and hypnotic new sound that’s much darker, full of layered drone, synth, chorals and disconnected voices.

GNAW Festival takes place at Star & Shadow Cinema, Newcastle on Saturday 22nd November.

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