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In the second of our series looking more closely at club nights in the region, we’re looking at roving Newcastle club night Milk the Cow. Originally starting life as a club night in 1998 at the now-defunct Rockshots on Waterloo Street, but has steadily risen in profile, bringing indie hip hop legend Sage Francis to Think Tank last year. Aside from being a club night, Milk the Cow has also started producing a weekly podcast which has so far featured special guests like Bez, comedian Gavin Webster and Sleaford Mods. As they look to make 2015even bigger, we talked to Giovanni Spatuzzi about what makes the club night tick.

What is the music policy?

Milk the Cow combines good electronic music from the past with good electronic music from now. This ranges from Oldskool Hardcore, Drum and Bass, Techno, Electro and Acid. When Milk the Cow has access to a second room, entitled the Filth Dirty Dog Disco room, we often have a comedy sing-along, as well as DJ sets spanning charity shop and car boot sale bargains, 70s and 80s filth, oldskool rap, and wrong disco. Milk the Cow was one of the first club nights in Newcastle upon Tyne to use the term eclectic when we started back in 1998, which has been reflected in the diversity of the global artists we have booked and continue to book.

Where does it happen?

Anywhere that will have us.

Is there a manifesto or idea behind the club night?

Listen to the Milk the Cow Podcast at www.facebook.com/MILKTHECOWPODCAST to find out where we’re coming from.

Who runs it?

Mike Cow, Donald Jenkins, Derek Martin and others as a collective.

How long has it been running?

Since 1998.

Is there an average age range?

No, it’s a welcoming environment for all ages to come and express themselves.

Could you describe your average clubber?

Unselfconscious, open minded, respectful, positive and intent on going somewhere to have a good time. In short, we run a strict no whoppers policy.

milk the cow crowd

“we often have a comedy sing-along, as well as DJ sets spanning charity shop and car boot sale bargains, 70s and 80s filth, oldskool rap, and wrong disco”

Can you name three songs most likely to fill the dancefloor?

Hyper on Experience’s Lord of the Nulls Lines, Drums of Death’s Lonely Days and Jeff Mills’ The Bells.

And three current favourites?

Mumdance’s Move Your Body, David Meiser’s Frequency Traveller and Girl Unit’s Club Rez.

What’s your favourite moment in the club’s history?

Neil Landstrum playing brutal industrial techno downstairs whilst Reeves and Mortimer sidekick Charlie Chuck, aka Uncle Peter, entertains people upstairs.

When’s the next one?

Friday 1st May, with Dave Clarke at The Cosmic Ballroom.

In one sentence, tell us why we should come.

An unpretentious party atmosphere full of positive people.

The next Milk the Cow takes place on Friday 1st May. You can download and listen to their podcast every week via their Facebook page.

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