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If you like your metal to be plodding and unambitious, then modern rock gods Gojira are probably best avoided. However, if you enjoy a cauldron of death, groove, thrash and progressive Metal, as presented by a hunky French foursome, then Gojira are the boys for you.

Originally named after the giant fire-breathing reptile-monster Godzilla, pesky trademark boffins made them change their name, whereupon they reverted to the original Japanese and became the (far cooler) Gojira. See what they did there?

Where once their vocal department could be filed under ‘satanic growling’ and ‘beastlike chundering’, their latest album Magma features actual singing. That’s not to say they’ve gone all soft on us, but what’s the point of repeating the same thing over and over again? The new album also ruminates on death, with singer/guitarist Joe Duplantier and drummer Mario Duplantier losing their mother during its gestation and recording. It’s no wallow in the grey though: Magma is a life affirming beast.

There’s something delightful in being pummelled by a loud, brutal, frenetically precise and heart bursting band who then speak with a lovely Gallic lilt. You’ll find this out for yourself when they play Newcastle O2 Academy on Wednesday 15th March. It’ll be brilliant, obviously.

Gojira are at O2 Academy, Newcastle on Wednesday 15th March.

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